Store and train

Address   038-2324 78-34, Nawasirozawa, Fukaura town, Nishitsugaru-gun, Aomori, Japan
Tel           +81-173-74-3068
             (Sorry, but we can only answer the phone in Japanese.)
Hours        11:30~19:00
Closed       Irregular holidays (Please ask)
◆ 3minutes walk from Fukaura station.
With the station on your back, turn left and go straight along the route 101.
You will find our orange building with “Sailing” written on the wall.

From Aomori city ( when travelling by Route 101 ,Touhoku freeway ) 2hours and 15minutes
From Hirosaki city (when travelling by Route 101 ) 2hours.
From Akita city ( when travelling by Akita freeway , Route101 ) 2hours and 30minutes.
If using a GPS, please be careful to choose the route “101”along the ocean instead of route “28” through mountains.
With ups and downs and narrow road without cellphone reception at points, driving the route 28 can be dangerous for those not used to driving the road.
From ShinAomori station 2hours and 30minutes.
From Hirosaki station 2hours and 20minutes.
From Akita station 2hours and 30minutes.

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